Round 5 . Pembrey October 7th Results

The weather held for a fine day in sunny Wales with no rain .

Tom held it together all day on the last meet for classic mini’s in rallycross by finishing with a 1st in the final to end the 2012 series.

Mark had a hard day after breaking a throttle cable in heat one & after dropping a valve in  heat two.He then had to change the engine head making it out for the final finishing 5th but getting a 1st for determination from the team.

George finished 4th in the BMW Mini, with a day dogged with car damage. The new engine proved to be working well since the change but this was marred by the driving standards of other drivers, similar to that of banger racing hopefully not to be repeated .

Due to the end of Classic mini’s in rallycross 459 will now be retiring .

459 The legend & drivers

The car built by Revival’s Motorsport took Shelley Wakeling to championship wins in 2007 /2008. Two years later George Edwardes won the 2010 championship with Tom Edwardes his older brother winning the 2011 championship.

A fitting end in the history of 459 a legend and a credit to its engineer Richard Wakeling & all his team at Revivals Motorsport, Terry,Wayne & Mark.


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